Housekeeper Kim celebrates 25-year milestone

For more than a quarter of a century, Kim Harrop has been helping to keep our hospitals clean.

Kim, based at Western Community Hospital in Southampton, has just been presented with her 25-year service award from Solent NHS Trust.

Her NHS career began at Southampton General Hospital, where she worked as a domestic in theatres before successfully applying for a post at the Western, where she has stayed ever since.

Kim started off as a healthcare support worker before moving to the housekeeping team, where she was based primarily on Minstead ward.

Around 16 years ago, she decided to leave the ward environment and became a permanent member of the housekeeping team looking after the general areas at the Western.

Kim, who is due to retire in July, is looking forward to spending more time with her husband John, both at home and on holidays.

Her friend and colleague, Angie Parkin, said: “Kim will be very much missed by the whole housekeeping team. She is an amazing person and a fantastic friend.”

Kim was presented with a voucher and certificate from her line manager, Fay Stavrogiannopoulou, FM Assistant Manager, Audit and Compliance.

Fay said: “Kim is a positive person who always jokes that she loves Fridays. Calm, kind and the voice of reason, she has a nice word for everyone and is a truly empathetic team member.”


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