Solent buildings to have 100% LED lighting following government grant

Every health building owned by Solent NHS Trust is to have energy efficient LED lighting installed following a government grant worth over £770,000.

The project will see around 6,000 old-style fluorescent tubes replaced with modern, low-maintenance LEDs within a matter of weeks – making Solent NHS Trust the first NHS organisation in Hampshire to be 100% LED.

Although smaller Solent health centres and other buildings have already been fitted with LED lighting on a replacement basis, the cash boost from the NHS National Energy Efficiency Fund will allow the Trust to blitz its three largest hospital sites.

The £777,440 grant will fund new LED lights at St Mary’s Community Health Campus and St James’ Hospital in Portsmouth and at the Western Community Hospital in Southampton.

Jo Warwick, Trust Sustainability Manager, said the scheme would be a huge step forward in Solent’s Net Zero ambitions.

“We are delighted to receive this very significant sum of money to progress our decarbonisation plans,” she said.

“Although our maintenance team has already been replacing light fittings with LEDs, this funding will allow us to take a much more efficient and pro-active approach.”

It is thought the scheme should reduce the Trust’s energy costs by around £335,185 per year.

Additional benefits should include:

Steve Dunne, Technical Infrastructure Engineer, said as well as reducing the Trust’s energy spend, the project would improve the hospital environment for patients, visitors and staff.

“Everyone is very excited about this work and we are pulling out the stops to make it happen quickly,” he said.

“As well as reducing carbon emissions, there is a definite wellbeing aspect to the work, with improved lighting making our buildings more welcoming and pleasant for everyone.”

The new LED lights are expected to be installed throughout February and March this year.


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